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Organizing your (home) office IT infrastructure and network cable setup drastically improves your online performance! Energy Computer IT Services takes care of design, cabling, maintenance and repair in order to ensure your business is operational at any time. Scroll down and discover why you should use Energy Computer IT Services as your Network cabling services specialist!

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Networking Cabling Solution Provider srilanka

Energy Computer Solution (ECS) – Cabling Solutions offers a wide range of IT infrastructure solutions that can be tailored to the needs of various industries and implemented in a manner that facilitates stability, security and growth. Our cabling solutions range from complex networking solutions to connect your business with our hearts, to data and information security, physical security to infrastructural solutions which will become the engine that would propel your organization to the next level.

ECS Cabling Solutions focus on honesty and quality in terms of Technology and service delivery ensures that our customers are highly satisfied, happy and are able to reap the rich rewards of investing in the right cabling world.

Power Line Cabling 

Computer equipment requires a “CLEAN” and dedicated power source in conjunction with the use of electrical noise protection device or power conditioner to prevent electrical noise disturbance. For maximum reliability, the independent feeder for the computer equipment must not be shared with other electrical devices dedicated power distribution solution for all computer equipment .Installation a three-phase or single phase wire power distribution system would be required for main-frame systems. (Power Cabling Solution Provider Srilanka )

More often than not, the terms wire and cable are used to describe the same thing, but they are actually quite different. Wire is a single electrical conductor, whereas a cable is a group of wires swathed in sheathing. The term cable originally referred to a nautical line of multiple ropes used to anchor ships, and in an electrical context, cables (like wires) are used to carry electrical currents.

Whether indoors or outdoors, proper wire and cable installation is of paramount importance – ensuring a smooth electricity supply, as well as passing electrical inspections. Each wire and cable needs to be installed carefully, from the fuse box to the outlets, fixtures and appliances. The National Electrical Code (NEC) and Local Building Codes regulate the manner of installation and the types of wires and cables for various electrical applications.

Fiber Optic Cable Installation Service Sri Lanka

Fiber optic cable installation from ECS Installs (Energy Computer Solution – Sri Lanka) helps your business get online. Fiber is becoming the preferred structured cabling because it can be run further and at faster speeds than typical Category cable. Also, with recent technological advancements, fiber is more durable and quicker to terminate than ever before. It provides an added level of future proofing for your network buildout. Our national installation network, experienced field technicians, and Project Managers are capable of planning, designing and installing networks comprised of only fiber, such as fiber to the desk applications or a combination of fiber and traditional copper networks. Once installed, we can also maintain, troubleshoot and upgrade your system as needed. Our services include aerial, underground, between buildings installations, in distance of a few hundred feet up to a few miles. We also help your business get connected by providing on-site termination of multi-strand fiber.

Types of Networks Serviced:
Fiber Optic Networks (Single mode, Multi mode, OM3, OM4, Plenum):
Fiber optic networks provide solutions where other networks fall short. Fiber optics can travel greater distances, perform at greater speeds, and withstand interference caused by heavy machinery or electrical lines. Our technicians are skilled at installing and working with fiber lines. INC can help integrate a fiber optic network with a local copper network, build a fiber network from scratch, or design a custom solution based on your business needs

Types of Fiber Optic Cables:

Whether it is used as a vertical backbone or to link buildings across a campus, fibre optic cabling generally offers a more modern and cost-effective cabling solution. Our fibre optic cabling installation portfolio includes:


  • Multi mode cables (OM1, OM2 & OM3)
  • Single mode cables (OS1 & OS2)
  • Tight buffered and loose tube constructions
  • Pre-terminated solutions (ideal for data centre projects)
  • Internal, external and universal sheath options
  • Rodent resistant corrugated steel tape armoured (CSTA) and steel wire armored cables for harsh environments
  • Fibre To The Desk (FTTD)
  • ST, SC, MT-RJ, LC terminations

We Specialize In fiber optical cabling installer sri lanka: Fiber Optic Cable Installations sri lanka – sri lanka Fiber to Copper Handoff – Building to Building Fiber Runs sri lanka – sri lanka Fiber to Wireless Handoff – sri lanka Ruggedized & Industrial Fiber Fiber Backbone Distribution – sri lanka OSP & ISP 

We can carry out on-site terminations using fusion splicing or a variety of direct termination techniques (hot melt, cold cure/anaerobic, crimp, etc.). Testing can be delivered using power light meters or optical time domain reflectometers (OTDRs) and test results are provided as part of our handover documentation. Our fibre optic cabling services include:


  • Backbone links
  • Fibre patch panels
  • Sub-contract fibre termination
  • Hazardous / IS area links
  • Fibre containment systems
  • Breakdown and fault finding
  • Fibre connectivity and provision provided to other CCTV, access control, network installers, and automation companies on a sub-contract basis

Data Cabling

A reliable and fast data cabling solution is a ‘must have’ for the success of your business. We can improve the performance of your data cabling installations, giving your teams the potential to work faster and more efficiently with no interruptions, allowing you to focus on business growth now and into the future.

The Cabling Company is a specialist in the design, installation and maintenance of voice, security and data cabling. Whether you are looking for just one additional outlet or a large scale project we can help. We’re a team of perfectionists with years of experience and we’ll make sure your data cabling installation completely meets your specification and is carried out professionally.

Choose from a wide range of data cabling solutions, from one-off cabling projects to ongoing network infrastructure support. Our accredited engineers, warranties and industry-leading expertise give you total reassurance across a full range of installations, including:

In the data cabling industry we are recognised for:

  • Keeping to budget and schedules
  • Keeping disruption to a minimum
  • Delivering the best performance from your IT network through our one-stop provision and ‘can do’ philosophy

We can future proof your installations so your data cabling continues to function effectively for many years to come. We also provide a manufacturer’s warranty, giving you peace of mind and protecting against any cabling or performance issues.

Our data cabling services include a bespoke consultation with you to understand your needs and what you would like to achieve. From an initial fact-finding discussion to stripping back of your existing solution, to installation and ongoing support, we’ll always be available throughout the journey to help with your data cabling project.

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Services include:

  • Design, installation, and/or maintenance of networks
  • End-to-end structured cable systems installation
  • Low voltage wiring (CAT5e, 6, 6A, and 6+ copper cabling – indoor and outdoor)
  • Multi mode and single-mode fiber optic cabling (indoor and outdoor)
  • Series 6 and Series 11 coaxial cabling
  • CCTV cabling and installation
  • Audio cabling
  • Overhead paging/PA system installation
  • Light electrical as needed
  • Manufacturer’s warranties for certified structured cabling systems

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